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Gail Marten: Photos

First Singing Engagement, Jade Pavilion

Musician Gallery

The Great Cyrus Chestnut
Richard Johnson – photo by MoJo40 Design
Mike Noonan and John Pineda
Tim Murphy
Charles Covington, Jr.
Gail and Mel Spears
Tommy Joy
Gail with Hugh Masekela
With Larry Willis at Eubie Live!
George Colligan
Clem Ehoff
A Happy Moment with pianist,Billy Colucci
Clem & Gail Bringing in The Millenium at Cafe Troia
Greg Hatza by Leslie Imes
Jeff Goldblum
Herman Burney
John Leonard
With Jon Clayton at Bohemian Caverns
Roland Dorsey, bass/percussion
At The Hilton with Mike Gorsch
Dominic Smith
Marty Knepp
Robert Shahid– photo by MoJo40 Design
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