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Gail Marten: Photos

Gail Marten CDs

In Love Again
Is It Love Cover art
Pure Joy Cover Art
Beyond the Rainbow Cover Art

The Singer's Gallery

Photo by Roland Dorsey
Gail Marten by Howard Mindek
At Peerce's by Roland Dorsey
Gail Marten by Brian V. Jones
Separate Tables, Roland Dorsey
Caton Castle with John Lamkin III 2011
Women in Jazz Celebration by Tony Bunn
At Zeppo's
At Cheng Du
Gail and Clem Ehoff at Bohemian Caverns
Gail at Bohemian Caverns
Me and Shirley Horn heading for the Kennedy Center
Benny Water's last concert
I Must Be Dreaming. It's Mark Murphy
Making Music at The Hyatt Regency with Mike Gorsch
Blues Alley
Gail Marten Portrait by Leigh Wachter
Red Kimono
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