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Gail Marten: Listen

Big Girl Blues

(Gail Marten)
August 18, 2005
©1985 Gail Marten

Finalist in the 2005 UK Songwriting Contest and the 2005 Finlanda's Vantaa Jazz Heritage Association Blues Songwriting Competition. Tongue-in-cheek lyric of a confident, sassy woman with a reluctant disclaimer at the end of catchy blues song.

I’m a big girl now
I’m a big girl now
I pay my own damn bills
and find my own cheap thrills
I’m a big girl now.

I’m a big girl now
Don’t need no help nohow
I can run my own life
Won’t be nobody’s old wife.
I’m a big girl now.

When I was a little girl
I was taught to stand alone
And like the Lady says
God bless the child that’s got her own.

Don’t need no one to bail me out
Yes, I know what’s all about
No one can knock me down
Cause I have been around
And I’m a big girl now.

No one to tell me what to do
No one to start me feeling blue
Hey, I can sleep all day
And dance the night away
And spend my time with who-knows-who. 

You know, I must confess
There are sometimes I realize 
If some big boy would come along
And help me sing my song
…He’d cut this big girl…down to size.

©1985 Gail Marten