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Gail Marten: Listen

Who Would Know

(Gail Marten)
August 18, 2005
©2001 Gail Marten & Clem Ehoff

A secretive seduction over the sensual sashay of a jazz waltz. The supple dance rhythm that Ehoff provides captures the song's sense of emotional approach and withdrawal.

Who would know? Who would care?
Love and war, All is fair.

Who would see? Who would hear?
We have nothing to fear.

Oh, what's the harm? 
There’s no need for alarm.
Why can’t you see it? 
Our little secret.

We could meet in the park,
Just a kiss in the dark.
Am I asking so much,
An occasional touch?

Rendezvous in our dreams.
All is not what it seems. 
Who would know,
Who would know?

Last ending: Anytime, anywhere, who would know, who would care?

©2000 Gail Marten