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Gail Marten: Listen

Dream With Me

(Gail Marten)
August 18, 2005
©2002 Gail Marten & Clem Ehoff

Pure unfiltered passion-coated lyrics...Vocals, with eloquence, reach out to that lover inside of all of us. The piano piece just adds that perfect flair of romance to this soft-spoken musical ballad. This is a Love Anthem. A Magic Carpet Ride that takes you somewhere between the places that you remember and the ones you forget. It touches your memories and tugs at your heart.

Close your eyes and dream a dream with me
At the end of day.
Catch a cloud and float above the earth 
Sail the Milky Way.

Book a flight upon a shooting star,
Move across the sky 
There is music in the silence
It’s a cosmic lullaby.

’Neath the shady sycamore
Dream a dream with me,
Possibilities unfold,
Close your eyes and you will see.

Swim with shiny, silver dolphins
Through Tahiti’s blue lagoons,
Warmed by orchid scented breezes
Polynesian honeymoon.

Ride the wind to Argentina,
High above the southern sea
Feel the rhythm of the tango
Be my partner, dance with me.

Join a caravan of nomads
Winding through the desert night
In a trail of clove and cinnamon
Toward the morning light.

Skies ablaze with setting sun
Farewell to yesterday
Twilight beckons to the moon
Purple shadows paint the way.

And tomorrow at the end of day
A magic carpet ride
To imaginary places,
We will journey you and I.

©2002 Gail Marten