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 "Marten is an adept lyricist, pulling interesting little rhymes out of unusual places. You don’t often see wordplay like this unless you’re reading the lyrics of the likes of Porter or Kern."

"An artist of rare sensivity and taste with the unique ability to get inside a song and convey its meaning to the fullest."

“Ms. Marten caresses a jazz vocal with the authority of authenticity, and projects an innate awareness of how the songwriter might wish to hear the song sung. Her lyrical approach to standards brings an exciting new dimension to the music. She radiates a warmth and sophistication that is completely captivating.”

"Gail Marten not only sings lyrics which tell a story, but recites a vivid prose which demonstrates that she has a hip awareness of life – delivered with a voice of sweetness and verve. She not only stirs passion, but she generates reflective thought. Delicious, as the melding of passion and intellect often is…the girl next door dressed in a black sheath!"

"Her interpretations separate the women from the girls, the professionals from the ingénues, the cabaret hip from the jazz pretenders."

 “Gail Marten’s new release (Is It Love) a triumph in lyrics and arrangement...With her exotic sensual tones Ms. Marten can get across what most feel but rarely admit...Her vocals, with eloquence, reach out to that lover inside of all of us.”

“Her voice has been compared to artists like Keely Smith and Chris Connor but I also hear echoes of Mel Torme. Her writing, the arrangements and that magnificent voice add up to an outstanding and highly emotionally charged listening experience.”

“A great jazz voice with phrasing that shows a sense of dialogue, of space and rhythmic awareness - or was it just serendipity? “

“Her choice of material and the warmth, intelligence, and utter infectiousness of her voice bring joy to these hungry ears. it's just so-o-o nice to find an HONEST singer.”

“Poignant lyrics and fantastic vocal talent. A smoky voice with a stylish delivery.”

“Beautiful and meaningful lyrics, A lush, velvety voice with an impressive range.”

“Marten creates a memorable character through her songs."