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Gail Marten: Guestbook

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Christopher Keith

November 14, 2015

I love love your voice I want to hear more!

Leonard Pollard

September 7, 2015

What a voice !!!! Gail !!! You are amazing!! Your music takes me to a peaceful place, on days that the world seems to be in turmoil. Your voice has a way of calming the mind, within seconds of hearing your music.
Thank you.

Dave Markivee

June 29, 2015

You are fabulous! I'm a jazz/R&B/Funk pianist & Composer. I think your voice is a wonderful cross of Edie Gourmet and Marilyn Scott. We have a great local jazz club in St. Louis called Jazz At The Bistro. You should sing there. I'd be front row. I'm a fan!


January 20, 2015

Sexiest voice since Peggy Lee.

Daniel Aberg

March 12, 2014

I am living in Karlstad in Sweden. You are a great jazz singer that I appreciate very much. It's always a pleasure to listen to your music. I must also mention that you have fantastic musicians on your recordings. You have a unique personal voice and really create very enjoyable music. During the years you have done some great recordings, and I especially like to listen to "Is It Love" and "Pure Joy."

I would be very pleased if I could have your autograph sent to me.

Riff Double 0

August 20, 2013

Miss Gail, You make beautiful music, as a hip hop producer, I can definitely say that some of my music is inspired by your voice over smooth bossa rhythms.


August 13, 2013

Dear Gail,

Wonderful music , just relaxing here, at summertime, in Black Forest region. I am as well a musician. Thanks.

Ric Wake, Sony & Equilibrium Entertainment

July 22, 2013

"Reinventing Me" is a beautiful song and very well performed. Very nice. Thank you! We're keeping this one on file for future reference.

lynda and emily

July 22, 2013

Saw you for the first time at 49 West in Annapolis on the 21st. Very nice!

Anthony Rollins

May 26, 2013

Your soulful and unique interpretation of "Summertime" at the 13th Floor last night was astonishing. What a beautiful voice!

Rene Abrams

January 25, 2013

It was so good to see and hear you again, Gail. You're sounding better than ever, and the 13th Floor is the perfect setting for your superb talent.

Wes Yamaka

November 2, 2012

What an amazing and beautiful voice! You have so many gifts. I'm glad you still share them with the world.

Roger Aldridge

October 12, 2012

Stunningly beautiful voice and style. Superb backup musicians. I'm a fan!

Dori Elman

August 30, 2012

Sorry we missed you in Annapolis, Gail. We were in Vancouver. If you're coming back to 49 West, please let us know.

Bruno Pollacci: AnimaJazz

August 22, 2012

A Voice A Soul – Passeremo quindi alla brava GAIL MARTEN che in Quartet, dal CD “IN LOVE AGAIN” ci proporrà “Where Do You Start?”

Amrita Malgatti

July 29, 2012

We so enjoyed your music and singing last night at The Center Club in Baltimore. What a beautiful voice! and a great repertoire. Will you be coming back?

Kelly Deaver

May 25, 2012


Dan Foster

April 4, 2012

Congratulations on your latest song award for "Reinventing Me." Well deserved!

Bruno Pollacci

March 6, 2012

Hi !
Hoping to communicate good news to you. I am sending you a direct link to the web article about broadcasting your voice through my Jazz radio & web program dedicated to the new international Jazz Voices "A VOICE, A SOUL" - (Italy)

Alan Davidson

January 7, 2012

Good morning, Gail. When your new CD is ready, please send right away. Our listeners love you (as do we), and we receive many requests for airplay of your music.

Graham J. Barclay, Soundwave FM

September 6, 2011

Hi Gail. Many Sincere thanks for the CD In Love...Again. BRILLIANT! EXCELLENT! We have enjoyed it immensely and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up. Many thanks again, and please stay in touch.

Ross Williamson, Diversitat

September 6, 2011

G'day Gail. I present jazz programs on a community radio station ("public radio" in American) in the provincial city of Geelong in Australia. I enjoyed your CD and I've used tracks 1, 7, 9 and 13 so far. I'll play another on next Sunday's show. Larry Willis is a marvel, isn't he! Best of luck with future endeavours.

Victor Ruiz

August 5, 2011

We had the good fortune to catch your sublime concert at Lake Kittamaqundi last night. Magical. You are the real thing, my dear. Looking forward to the next time.

Cheryl Goodman

July 28, 2011

Just got back from the "Cylburn Sounds" jazz concert tonight featuring vocalist Gail Marten. So much fun! Thanks to all 300+ people who showed up with their lawn chairs and picnic baskets. Such a peaceful vibe... I truly appreciate all the great support for this series--audiences, performers, vendors, sponsors.

Sanjay Rattray

July 28, 2011

I had the awesome privilege of being at the jazz event yesterday at Cylburn Park and I just wanted to pause and say that it was indeed a great evening. Ms. Marten's fluid voice and specific style permeated the air and it was just a pleasure to be there listening to her and interacting with members of the community. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world!

Steve St. John, WCFS Radio

June 6, 2011

I have reviewed IN LOVE AGAIN and I must say I am impressed. I tend to gravitate toward instrumental acts, but your talent as a vocalist is noteworthy. IN LOVE AGAIN will be added to our wall this week, and I shall encourage the jazz D.J.s to check it out.

Vasja Ivanovski

May 11, 2011

Greetings from Skopje, Macedonia. Enclosed is one of my recent Jazz Spaces radio playlists which includes your excellent material.

Ross Williamson

May 11, 2011

G'day Gail,
Thanks for sending me the In Love Again CD, which arrived yesterday thanks to my request. I've had one listen and liked it. I'll be using a few tracks on my radio shows in the coming weeks. Keep up the good work! Cheers.

Geof Cartledge

April 29, 2011

Good Morning Gail
I hope you had a very happy and peaceful Easter Thank you for the CD "In Love Again" The first responses from fellow presenters have been good and airplay of the CD is ongoing across the board. We play tracks from the CD on various programs and then special tracks that are requested. Once again, West Gippsland Community Radio in Australia thanks you.

David McCrory, 2NVR 105.9 FM, Australia

March 11, 2011

GREAT DISC! I hope there are more like this.

Steve St. John, WFCS Radio, Connecticut

February 4, 2011

Excellent voice! The CD has been added to our wall.

Rob Scott, 2RRR FM, Sydney, Australia

January 19, 2011

A very enjoyable cd. I played "Hello Young Lovers" during my "Midday Jazz" show on December 16. I will be playing more tracks in the future.

Joosep Sang, music critic and radio host, Valley FM 89.5

January 10, 2011

Hello! I have enjoyed your CD and your singing very much. I included the song "Alice in Wonderland" in my Dec 10 Fantaasia program on Klassikaraadio in Estonia. Best wishes.

Rob Scott – 88.5 FM Public Radio Australia

December 3, 2010

Thank you so much for sending me your CD In Love Again. I am really enjoying it & will be playing "Hello Young Lovers" during my Midday Jazz programme on Thursday, December 16. Your CD fits perfectly into the genre of jazz which I enjoy the most.

In coming months I will be returning to your CD for more tracks to play so I assure you will be getting more than just a one-track airplay. It is a real shame that I can't give your CD any better publicity as I know many more Aussies (besides my listeners) would enjoy it if they had a chance to hear it.

Good luck with your career, Gail. You certainly deserve to succeed.


November 26, 2010

Wow, what warm and beautiful Voice you have. I wish there were a lot more singers out there like you leading the way. I'm a huge fan!

Steve St. John, WFCS Radio

November 3, 2010

Dear Gail – I have reviewed IN LOVE AGAIN and I must say I am impressed. I tend to gravitate toward instrumental acts, but your talent as a vocalist is noteworthy. IN LOVE AGAIN will be added to our wall this week!

B. Jones

October 24, 2010

I am sitting in my office grading work and listening to your fantastic music.  I love, love, love your voice…reminds me of Shirley Horn. "Reinventing Me" is great!  "Skylark" is one of my favorite tunes ever—you did it really well.  "Cry Me a River"…fantastic!  "An Occasional Man" and "Where Do You Start?"…simply wonderful. Lush and rich vocals. Everything is really, really good. 

Bob Collins, WRHU Radio

September 16, 2010

Gail's voice has a rich timbre…warm as heated cognac…and a delight to listen to.

Larry Brown

August 30, 2010

I love your CD. Your selection of tunes was wonderful. Your original, "Reinventing Me", sounded like a tune Blossom Dearie would've loved. You deftly handled Michele Legrand's "You Must Believe In Spring". Not many vocalists try to pull that off, but you did. Thanks for "Alice In Wonderland", and "Alfie". Fabulous.


August 28, 2010

Ms. Marten, I listened to your performance today at the Laurel Race Track. I was eating at the buffet. This is the first time I've heard you and I was really impressed. What a lovely, silky, sultry voice you have. You sang about mundane, simple things and just brought them to life!! This was the first time I had heard an artist artfully take a subject and bring it to life in a manner that you just never think about. Of course, everyone knows the story about Alice in Wonderland, even little kids. I stopped eating while you were singing that song because I never thought about Alice quite that way before. Beautifully done! Anyway, nice show and keep singing. You go, girl!!

Leslie Imes

August 16, 2010

Its always a pleasure to photograph you, they always come out right! Your CD is a delight and I know you'll do well with it.

Alex Pijnen

July 15, 2010

Fantastic Album!!! Great stuff for our radio station, BRTO in Netherlands.

Peter Merrett

July 15, 2010

Hi Gail, Thank you ever so much for your CD "In Love Again." A beautiful, sensual, sublime Jazz CD. The mix of songs is oustanding with timeless classics sitting alongside more contemporary songs—as well as your own fine compositions. Orchestration is right on the mark, and your phrasing is exquisite. Congratulations from all of us here at PBS 106-7 FM in Melbourne, Australia. (We are the cities leading Jazz station). To gain the very best airplay for you, l am passing your CD to one of our very best jazz shows "Standing On The Corner" with Dan Nillson, Sunday 8 to 10pm. We wish you all the very best for the future.

Robert Wagner

July 13, 2010

Your In Love Again album is a real treasure. Julie London was always my favorite, until I heard you. Bravo ! You have a unique ethereal quality to your voice very seldom heard. I truly enjoy it. I would very much like to work with you.


July 11, 2010

Gail: You've chosen wonderful songs to use for your great style of performing. I am sometimes skeptical of singers but you dispel all rumors... Steve

Monique, Music Supervisor, RadioDirectX

May 27, 2010

We received your beautiful CD this week and have reviewed several of it's tracks - standouts for us - "Alice In Wonderland," "Alfie," "Skylark" - "If He Walked Into My Life" etc...we could go on....your vocal delivery and interpretations of the various tracks are well done and beautifully sung.


April 2, 2010

I hear that you will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico the week of May 8th. My friends and I will be in P.R. that week, and we look forward to hearing you perform at Carli's Cafe. Love your new CD.


November 2, 2009

I really like the new CD. Keep on keepin' on.


October 20, 2009

Hi Gail. Was listening to your new CD, In Love Again, the other night. What a beautiful compilation of music. I loved the arrangements and you sing everything with such ease. A very ambitious project and you hit it out of the park!

Keri Gaffney

October 20, 2009

In Love Again contains wonderful arrangements and a keen sense of choices in standards. Your voice it is so pure and genuine. On the cut “Hello Young Lovers,” I especially enjoyed your ability to lay the lyric down in a swinging fashion—so truly eloquent; excellent feel, great tone, interesting lines and the band is tight. Fantastic playing by everyone through the various styles.

Keri Gaffney

Roberta Poling

October 12, 2009

Gail has such a beautiful voice. Her voice is so soothing that when I need to let go of stress I listen to her. Such a smooth voice. I love the new CD in love...again. My new favorite song is Reinventing Me which Gail wrote. Gail's talent is never ending as she always does find ways to reinvent herself.

William Olson

October 10, 2009


We watched your performance on October 10, 2009 in Baltimore and loved the show. Richard and I (Bill) were the ones who cancelled the show at Symphony Hall to join your show. We were very glad we made that decision. We would like to keep up with your shows.

Thank you,

Bill and Richard


October 8, 2009


Geets Romo

October 7, 2009

An artist of rare sensivity and taste with the unique ability to get inside a song and convey its meaning to the fullest. Check out her new CD In Love...Again and LISTEN to a true classic recording with the inspirational participation of the great Larry Willis.

Peggy Baer

October 5, 2009

Just spent a wonderful hour listening to your new CD "In Love .. Again"! Great choice of songs, great music, and a great voice -- an unbeatable combination! LOVED IT.


Sal Calfa

October 1, 2009

When the heart and soul of an artist is in sync you get the fabulous sounds of In Love...Again. Your best music to date.
I will let you know when I feature you on the show.
All The best.

Miss Cody Jones

September 30, 2009

I tell ya, every time I hear Gail's sound backed by the sway of the rumba...I get goose bumps all over. When she sings under the stars, the heavens sparkle just a little brighter. Love ya Gail,
Miss Cody

Jeanie Broderick

March 30, 2009

Went to Tugs to see the group. What a great little intimate place to listen to music. The band sounded great and, as always, your voice was beautiful. Loved the arrangements.



September 26, 2008


alison bratlie

August 18, 2008

I really enjoyed your concert last night at the lake. It was a very relaxing and entertaining way to spend an evening. Hope to hear you soon!!!!


August 18, 2008

Hey Gail, Caught your concert last night at the lake in Columbia. The night was beautiful and the music was magical and your voice was as clear as the night. Thanks very much for a great concert. My friends and I loved it.

Eric H

September 16, 2007

Thanks for a terrific night of music at BWJF last Thursday! Wish you all the best for the future!

Joyce Brown

July 11, 2007

Fantastic website. I will there to hear and see you perform at the Baltimore-Washington JAZZfest 1st Thursday JAZZ Set. Continued success.

Jeff DeHerdt

September 25, 2006

Hi, Gail. I was just checking out the sites for the Just Plain Folks music award Jazz Vocal Song/Album nominees. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that they are all pretty cool. Of course, that includes your site and music. Good luck in the awards.

Laura R.

July 28, 2006

Absolutely love the new CD! It's my kind of jazz--smoky, sultry vocals with original lyrics and latin-flavored sounds. I've "gifted" several like-minded friends who were very happy with my choice.

Janet Balkus

July 26, 2006

Each song says something different.
I especially enjoy the songs that you and Clem have written. Two very talented people with excellent
back up. Keep sending that beauti-
ful music and making those wonder-
ful surprises.

Gail Marten

May 12, 2006

love your music - wished i shared your voice as well as your name !!!!!! maybe will get to hear you live sometime


December 23, 2005

I have just revised my ALL TIME Favorite Songs List and YOUR two songs, SUNDAY RAIN and DREAM WITH ME have made it. Admittedly this doesn't mean much in this world. I mean, you could take this and add it to what you already have and you would END UP with what you already have. I just thought I would let You know. Also, I am about to revise my ALL TIME favorite Female Vocals List. I am fairly cetain you are going to make it on there TWICE also. Add this to what You already have and You Got what You Got. P.S. JUST BEFORE DAWN is Also a Great Song. In my view.

Marianne and Ken

October 29, 2005

Thank you and the rest of the quartet for a great wedding reception. We have received numerous compliments from our guests who really enjoyed your music. My favorite, of course, was the father/daughter dance. Thank you so much for recommending 'Always There'. It is a beautiful song and perfect for the occasion. Thank you for your contribution to our special day. We will cherish the memories forever.

Norma Gentner

October 29, 2005

I liked Beyond the Rainbow so much I couldn't wait to hear Pure Joy. Gail's lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful, her velvet voice is so rich and mellow it's such a pleasure to listen to. The musicians that accompany her are outstanding, love the rhythm with the latin influence. Old favorites and original songs are just fantastic.

Norma Gentner

October 29, 2005

Gail's lush, velvety voice blends wonderfully with the Clem Ehoff trio. Her lyrics and styling are superb. Pure Joy is exactly that. What a pleasure to just sit back and lose yourself in the beautiful rhythm

Kaisir Hsu

October 29, 2005

Hey Gail, i'm listening to your songs as i write. you do a magnificent job
and i love the site you sent. i'd love an autograph from you on a cd
purchase from me. let me know how to get a copy from your hands. keep the good faith and the effort, your music is smoove and groovy. take good care of yourself, keep spreading those love songs, i'll see you at the top.

Linda Dees

October 29, 2005

I LUVVVV YOUR "JOY" CD!!!! It is magnificient!!! Your voice is just like "fluid silk". You are just absolutely Awsome girl!!!! I could listen to you forever!! Jim and I are definitely looking forward to attending your concert this Saturday (9th)! Regardless of where it is held outside or inside we will both be there. I can't wait to see and hear you. I honestly think you could sing "Row, Row Row Your Boat" and have it sound absolutely wonderful. Love ya and can't wait to see you!


October 29, 2005

This is a wonderful CD. I've heard Gail perform with some of the greats of jazz like the legendary Benny Waters, but the rapport she has with this group is the best. Her voice has been compared to artists like Keely Smith and Chris Connor but when I listen to this CD I hear echoes of Mel Torme. Her writing, the arrangements and that magnificent voice add up to an outstanding and highly emotionally charged listening experience.

Laura and Charles

October 29, 2005

Dear Gail:
Just had to let you know how much we enjoyed your performance at Bohemian Caverns and are continuing to enjoy "Pure Joy". The original material is outstanding with vocals and instrumentals to match. You can really write a lyric and then make your audience feel the emotion with your singing.

Steve Ember

September 2, 2005

I was DELIGHTED to discover your voice on the link to your web site from dcjazz.com. Must confess you were a new name to me--where in the world have I been? And I was just wrapping up work in D.C. when I read of your engagement in Severna Park, so not enough time to go up the road. ;-( Anyhow, once I send this, I'll go to one of the e-sellers listed and order your CD. I'm guessing the songs sampled on your audio page are to be part of a new album? If so, I'll anxiously await notice of it, now that I'm on your mailing list.
You deserve to be heard live with MUCH greater frequency--hopefully this will happen. Hearing your choice of material and the warmth, intelligence, and utter infectiousness (hope that's a word!) bring joy to these hungry ears. It's too often a wasteland out there, leading to seeking out the tried and true song stylists. Discovering your samples made me feel like a kid on Christmas Morning...